Alua Elambela
  • Hiraza First Lightning Guardian
  • Assassin
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Partner Lampo
Team Hiraza Primo & Guardians
Flame Lightning
Chapter Debut Soulpedia vol.1

Character OutlineEdit

Alua Elambela was the first-generation Hiraza Lightning Guardian. She was secretly in love with Lampo. She was also a former member of the Alua Assassins.

Plot OverviewEdit

Prior to StorylineEdit

Elambela was an assassin from the secret Alua Assassin Family. She was once assigned to kill Lampo, but failed and fell in love with him instead. She diecided to serve him. When she found out about him being the Vongola Lighting Guardian, she joined the Hiraza as their Lightning Guardian in order to protect her love. Later, together with the other guardians, she awoke the Hiraza Rings from their slumber and later died as an effect from not being able to handle the huge amount of information that was sent into her brain by the ring.

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