Kanji Name クリスタリア
Romaji Name Kurisutaria
  • Tenth Hiraza Sun Guardian
  • Lisa Zenker (Former name)
Gender Female
Age 24
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 18
Famiglia Hiraza Famiglia
Team Hiraza Decimo & Guardians
Flame Sun
Blood Type A
Height 169cm
Soul Sol
Chapter Debut Chapter 11

Character OutlineEdit

Crystalia is a side character in Lost Soul. She despites those who cry and hate other humans in general and joined the Hiraza Famiglia as the Tenth Hiraza Sun Guardian.


Crystalia, formerly named Lisa Zenker, was abandoned by her mother at the age of 8. She was forced to move from her homecountry, Germany, and eventually became FlameLeaf's neighbour. Lisa was sought out by Hiraza Vate and recieved her lost soul, Sol and joined the Hiraza. She was at this time given the name Crystalia by Vate.

Plot Overview Edit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Crystalia makes her first appearance in Vate's workroom and participates in a discussion between her, Blade and Vate.

Side Stories & Spin-offsEdit

Soulpedia vol.1Edit

Crystalia appears as a minor character in the part about Alua Elambela's past.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Punches & Kicks - On Blade's facebook, it was stated that Crystalia uses punces and kicks as her fighting style.
  • Sol - (ソル sol): Crystalia's soul.



  • Crystalia's favourite color is gold, animal is unicorn and food is Mille Feuille.
  • She likes to listen to pop music.
  • Crystalia's drink of choice is wine.