Dying Will Bullet
Weapon Bullet
Abilities Various
Type Weapon

The Dying Will Bullet is a special Weapon created by the Vongola Famiglia. It is made by burying prime bullets in the shape-changing chameleon's body for three days. Once it makes contact with a person, they die. If they feel regret when they were shot, they are reborn with a flame on their forehead (not as a baby). When reborn, the person loses their clothes (besides their underwear) and are capable of amazing feats. This state is called Dying Will Mode. In the Varia Arc, Tsuna is trained to control the energy of the Dying Will Bullet by maintaining Dying Will Mode for longer than the 5 minute limit. As a result of this training, Tsuna is able to go into Hyper Dying Will Mode with a shot of a Dying Will Bullet.


The Dying Will Bullet turns all of the person's safety switches off and in exchange for risking their life, they are able to harness great strength. Through regret, the person shot gains overwhelming strength, power and invulnerability. It can also store and release Dying Will Flames; this technique was used by Vongola Settimo with the Dying Will Gun because his Flames were weak and also by Varia leader, Xanxus. Being shot by the bullet causes the person's clothes except underwear to explode. The person will gain a dying will flame on the top of their forehead, and act more passionate. Also should a person be on the verge of death, if they are shot be the bullet and have a regret they are revived.

There are distinctly different bullets in the Dying Will set, such as the Iron Stomach Bullet and the Fist Bullet; each has a specific area that they need to be shot such as the head, hand, stomach, or feet. For example, when the Iron Stomach Bullet was used, Tsuna wanted to eat Kyoko's cake but Bianchi swapped it for her Poison Cooking. So, Reborn shot Tsuna in the belly and turned his stomach into an "Iron Stomach," which allowed him to eat Bianchi's Poison Cooking without causing harm to himself.


  • Reborn now mentions that other Mafia Families are now making "altered" versions of the Dying Will Bullets, allowing the user to go into Hyper Dying Will Mode.
  • While the Dying Will Bullet has different purposes if shot into different body parts in the manga, the anime has different bullets for each specific body part.