Kanji Name フレイムリフ
Romaji Name Fureimurifu
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 29
Flame Sun
Blood Type AB
Height 164 cm
  • TwinLeaf (Brother, deceased)
  • Parents (Deceased)
  • Grandmother (Deceased)
Soul Nocte
Chapter Debut Chapter 4
Voice Actor Asakawa Yuu

Character OutlineEdit

FlameLeaf (フレイムリフ, Fureimurifu) is a main member of the Profondíta Famiglia,as well as the sister of the deceased TwinLeaf. Whennot having a serious conversation, she speaks in a Valley Girl accent, inserting the word "like" in her sentences as often as possible. She is hinted to have a good physique, and spars regularry with Sasagawa Ryohei. She is also a member of the boxing club lead by him.


FlameLeaf lived with TwinLeaf, their grandmother and parents. They were all killed by Vate, and FlameLeaf was given Nocte in TwinLeaf's place.

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Soul ArcEdit

FlameLeaf was looking for a club to join. She later went to talk with Elifhia. She is later seen talking with her soul.



FlameLeaf's deceased older brother. She had great respect for him and looked up to him. He was acidentally killed by Vate when protecting FlameLeaf.

Sasagawa RyoheiEdit

FlameLeaf and Ryohei has so far not actually been seen together, but Tsuna stated that they spar together. FlameLeaf is also a member of the boxing club lead by Ryohei.


FlameLeaf's soul. She is so far the only one revealed to be able to communicate with her soul, although Onak is hinted to be able to hear what his soul commands him.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

FlameLeaf has, like the other Profondíta, had her soul altered by Vate.

  • Nocte - (ノクテ, Nokute): FlameLeaf's soul. She seems to be able to communicate with it.



  • In the fandom, FlameLeaf's number is 22.
  • FlameLeaf seems to think that Yamamoto is hot, even though she says he's too young for her.


  • (About seducing Ryohei) "Well, Whatever. I'll seduce him tomorrow. He's a guy, after all. And he's at THAT age, as well."
  • (To Nocte) "Ha, I don't argue with my soul. Who do you take me for? Reymik?"

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