Hiraza Famiglia is a mafia famiglia operating in northern europe, mostly scandinavia. During the time of Vongola Primo, the Vongola and the Hiraza were allies. They are however in war now since the first Hiraza boss broke the alliance.

Groups within the family Edit

Hiraza Decimo & GuardiansEdit

Hiraza VateEdit

Vate is the tenth and current boss and the representation of the sky element.


Blade is the tenth Hiraza Lightning Guardian.


Crystalia is the tenth Hiraza Sun Guardian.


Ta and Ri are both the tenth Hiraza Rain Guardian.

Profondíta FamigliaEdit

Altough officially enemies of the Hiraza, Vate is controlling their actions without their knowing.


Reymik is the Profondíta's Sky element.

Alua ElifhiaEdit

Elifhia is the Profondíta's lightning element.

Hiraza OnakEdit

Onak is the Profondíta's rain element, as well as former candidate for the position of the tenth Hiraza Rain Guardian.

Yamidak BurmukEdit

Burmuk is the Profondíta's storm element.


FlameLeaf is the Profondíta's sun element.

Kaching KillstickEdit

Killstick is the Profondíta's cloud element.

Kaits NekaEdit

Neka is the Profondíta's mist element.

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