Hiraza Onak


Kanji Name ヒラザ オーナク
Romaji Name Hiraza Ōnaku
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 17
Flame Rain
Blood Type B
Height 180cm
Soul Solitudo
Chapter Debut Chapter 1
Voice Actor Fuuga Naoto

Character OutlineEdit

Hiraza Onak is one one of the protoganists in Lost Soul. Although he usually might seem normal and sometimes mature, he hides a darker side of himself. He is the Tenth Hiraza boss' youngest brother.

As a protoganist, Onak has recieved two character songs sung in the voice of Fuuga Naoto.

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Onak arrives in Namimori at the same time as the other fake junior high students. He attends to Namimori Junior High, pretending to be junior high student, when he in reality is 17 years old. When tasting sushi at the Takesushi sushi store, he meets Yamamoto Takeshi and a bond of friendship is starting to grow between them.


Yamamoto TakeshiEdit

Onak and Yamamoto get along as friends after Onak bought sushi at Yamamoto's family restaurant. Onak has never missed any of Yamamoto's baseball matches or practices.

Hiraza VateEdit

Vate is Onak's oldest brother, as well as his former boss. Onak and Vate are stated to have a similar grin, but their personalities are different; Vate being of a cheerfree nature while Onak is often calm.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Solitudo - (ソリツド, Soritudo): Onak's soul. It tells Onak to kill someone whenever he's around others.



  • Onak and Vate are hinted to have a similar grin.
  • Onak's fandom shorthand is 13.
  • His favourite food is Taco Tortillas.
  • A song he likes is "Playing God" by Paramore.
  • To summarise his reaction when meeting someone new: "E-eh... H-hello..."
  • He normally refers to himself as "boku", but when serious, he says "ore".

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