Hiraza Vate
Kanji Name ヒラザ ヴアーテ
Romaji Name Hiraza Vuāte
Title Hiraza Decimo
Gender Male
Age 24
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 24
Famiglia Hiraza Famiglia
Team Hiraza Decimo & Guardians
Flame Sky
Blood Type 0
Height 188cm
  • Hiraza Onak (Brother)
  • 5 Unnamed siblings
  • undefined
  • Mother
Soul Expergiscere
Chapter Debut Chapter 6

Character OutlineEdit

Hiraza Vate is on of the antoganists in Lost Soul. Although seemingly carefree and happy-go-lucky, Vate is shown to have a dark, evil side. His goal, or at least one step in it, is to accuire the Vongola Rings.

As the main antoganist in the series, Vate has a character song.

Plot OverviewEdit

Prior to storyEdit

Vate used his parents as sacrifices in order to "awaken" his soul. He later awoke the main Profondíta's souls. He also makes an appearance in chapter 19, making Lisa Zenker into Crystalia.

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Vate is seen standing in the Hiraza mansion, looking out the window. He talks with Blade and Crystalia about his plan to rule the world.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Expergiscere - this is Vate's soul.



  • Vate and Onak is hinted to have a similar grin.
  • He has so far shown up in Elifhia's, Burmuk's, Killstick's, FlameLeaf's and Neka's pasts.
  • He is also the only one so far known to give other people lost souls.
  • When Vate writes his name, he uses the name "Ingvar Oldsberg", possibly named after Ingvar Oldsberg.
  • Vate is one of the characters that has starred in a chapter.
  • He is also stated to appear in the Future Arc.
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