Kaching Killstick
Kanji Name カチング キルスチック
Romaji Name Kachingu Kirusutikku
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 12
Flame Cloud
Blood Type A
Height 185 cm
Family Parents (Deceased)
Soul Avarita
Chapter Debut Chapter 1
Voice Actor Hiyama Kiyoteru


Once as a child, Killstick is somehow controlled by Vate and made into killing his parents. He is then given Avarita.

Plot Overview Edit

 Lost Soul ArcEdit

Killstick is sent by someone to pretend to be a Junior High student in Namimori. In chapter 7 he is seen scolding Triack over the phone. He later talks with Onak.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit


  • Avarita

- (アヷアリタ, Avarice): This seems to be the name of Killstick's soul. It seems to enjoy blood.



  • Killstick seems to be scared of both Vate's and Onak's grins.