Kanji Name ランボ
Romaji Name Ranbo
  • 10th Vongola Lightning Guardian
  • Stupid Cow
  • Crybaby Lambo
Gender Male
  • 5 (Present)
  • 15 (10 years later)
  • 25 (20 years later)
Status Alive
Date of Birth May 28
Partner I-Pin
Team Vongola Decimo & Guardians
Flame Lightning
Blood Type A
  • 42 cm
  • 179 cm (ten years later)
  • 184 cm (twenty years later)
  • 4 kg
  • 64 kg (ten years later)
  • 73 kg (twenty years later)
Chapter Debut Chapter 4

Character OutlineEdit

Lambo is a 5-year-old hitman, who often refers to himself in third person as Lambo-san affiliated with the Bovino ("Bovino" means "Cattle" in Italian) Famiglia. He is the Vongola Lightning Guardian and the youngest Guardian. He was born in Italy. His main choice of weapons are pink hand grenades, and his future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit complete with a tail, and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head, which gives him the appearance of a bison. He comes to Japan to kill Reborn so he can prove that he is worthy of becoming his own Family's Boss. However, he is a complete crybaby and is no match for Reborn.

Plot Overview Edit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Lambo and Elifhia becomes friends during the beginning of the Lost Soul arc.

Profondíta AttackEdit

Lambo and I-Pin are attacked by Serdus when playing on Namimori school yard. They are both hit with the ten-year bazooka.



  • According to Elifhia, Lambo ranks no 1 in "The funnies character", "The most huggable character", and "The most yay character".
  • Elifhia also claims that he is "The greatest".