Kanji Name レフリジレーター
Romaji Name Refuridzirētā
Title Profondíta Fighter
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth September 27
Famiglia Profondíta Famiglia
Team Profondíta Fighters
Weapons Sky Ring
Flame Sky
Blood Type B
Height 174.5cm
Soul Gelum
Chapter Debut Chapter 14
Voice Actor Shimoda Asasami

Character OutlineEdit

Refridgerator is a minor character in Lost Soul. He is a calm and mature person, and likes to show off his skills in battle.

Refridgerator recieved a character song in Bullet 5.

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Soul ArcEdit

Profondíta AttackEdit

Refridgerator walks around the street outside a book store in Namimori. The people around him have been put to sleep by another Profondíta fighter. Gokudera arrives and the two engage in battle. Refridgerator freezes a couple of dynamites thrown at him by Gokudera, and releases his soul. As he appears as a ice-demon-beast-man, he is asked by Gokudera who he is, since he no longer has his human appearance. The answer to this question was that he was the Refridgerator of the past, the present as well as Gelum. Their battle rages on.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Sky Ring - Refridgerator wears a sky ring from which he can produce sky flames that he uses to freeze his surrondings.
  • Gelum - (ジェーラム, dzēramu) Refridgerator´s soul. When releasing it, he puts his hands on his head and says "Time for frost, Gelum". Sky flames then cover his entire body during the transformation. The surrounding area freezes, and Refridgerator turns into a demon-like man made out of ice.




  • Refridgerator is nicknamed "Fridgie".


  • (When asked who he is) "I am Refridgerator. I am Gelum. And I am also Refridgerator. I am Refridgerator of the present as well as the past."
  • (To Gokudera about frozen civilians) "It might suit you to know that when I lost my humanity, I lost things considered unesessary as well, such as guilt and pity. So I do not care what happens to these people."
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