Kanji Name セルヂュス
Romaji Name Serudjusu
Title Profondíta Fighter
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 12th
Famiglia Profondíta Famiglia
Team Profondíta Fighters
Weapons Paper
Flame Rain
Height 159cm
Soul Carta
Chapter Debut Chapter 13
Voice Actor Shimoda Asasami

Character OutlineEdit

Serdus is a side character in Lost Soul. She is also a Profondíta Fighter.

Plot OverviewEdit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Serdus, Sakura and Reymik are briefly seen in an underground base on Iceland.

Profondíta AttackEdit

Serdus is sitting on a bench, upside-down, outside Namimori Junior High reading a yaoi manga, when Lambo and I-Pin passes by. After looking at her notes and finding out that Lambo is the Vongola Lightning Guardian, Serdus attacks the kids who get hit by the ten-tear bazooka. Serdus releases her soul, Caede, and manages to render the older I-Pin uncouncious. She is about to get attacked by Lambo's Electrico Cornata (wich she is not immune to as she is with physical attacks) when the latter is replaced with his younger self. Error arrives, and uses his punishment shot on her because he thinks that a Profondíta member should be able to win in less than five minutes.

Weapons & AbilitiesEdit

  • Paper - Prior to her release, Serdus uses explosive papers created by her soul.
  • Carta - When Serdus releases her soul, her body turns into white A4-sized papers. The release command is "Turn page".



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