Yamidak Burmuk

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Kanji Name 闇ダク ブールムク
Romaji Name Yamidaku Būrumuku
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth October 15
Weapons Bones
Flame Storm
Blood Type 0
Height 172 cm
Family Unnamed Father
Soul Ira
Chapter Debut Chapter 2
Voice Actor Camui Gackt

Character Outline Edit

Yamidak Burmuk is one of the fake junior high students.

Plot Overview Edit

Lost Soul ArcEdit


Burmuk meets Gokudera and tells him to not smoke, and a fight breaks out. They get interrupted and attacked by Hibari, and deicides to settle it with a bet. He befriends Gokudera.

Profondíta AttackEdit

Burmuk watches Refridgerator and Gokudera's battle.


Gokudera HayatoEdit

Burmuk and Gokudera might seem to fight each other, but in reality, they get along pretty well.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bones: Burmuk used bones in his battle against Gokudera. His skills with these are yet to be shown in an actual battle.
  • Ira - (イーラ, Īra): Burmuk' soul. In a flashback, when Burmuk recieved his new soul, his right hand lost all its flesh, only leaving the bone. Vate then stated that he had never seen a soul like that before.




  • Burmuk has a hint of beard.
  • In the fandom, his number is 28.
  • Yami in Yamidak can be translated as "darkness". The katakana for daku can, if spelt otherwise, mean "dark", So Burmuk's family name can roughly be translated as "Darkness Dark".
  • According to Elifhia, Burmuk ranks second in "The funnies Character".
  • Burmuk is going to have the main role in the first VERTEX story.
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